Augmented Reality, where digital content meets real world integrated with your modern day smartphone.

3D PROPS SINGAPORE, establish since 2014 is pleased to announce our latest feature of Augmented Reality services into our props business. These new services includes AR FILTER & AR PROPS which will enhance the marketability of your branding and product launches through the digital world of social media.



We provide custom designs of AR Filters, which can be used in conjunction with your smartphone camera.

Experience interactive face tracking, where the AR filters detects faces and expressions to ensure a perfect picture each time.Create unique brand awareness through fun for your product or campaign launches via social media marketing.


Custom designs and superimposed 3D models integration with your camera. Experience the breathtaking 3D visualization with dynamic features such as repositioning, rotation, zooming in & out all at your fingertips. Create lasting and memorable events through our AR PROPS, we welcome corporate events, product launches or even parties. The sky’s the limit when it comes to our 3D AR props! Enquiry now for more details!